About Us

Who We Are

Started in January of 2017, Jenkins Speed Shop is a custom auto body repair, & parts company offering high quality work as well as top notch customer service.

What Is Our Misson

Our main goal is to provide the best possible work & parts for your vehicle, as well as the know-how to get you exactly what you are looking for.

The Customer Is Always Right

Everything we do is with the consumer in mind. From custom paint work, to a simple pinstripe job. If your not happy, we will do whatever we can to get you on the road and smiling.

Even if you are wanting something done to a vehicle that isn't a Ford Focus, we are hear to help you out!!

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As car enthusiasts ourselves, we know there is a lot that goes into any project. From busted knuckles, to lost tools, it's the final result that makes evrything worth it. Not everyone gets the reasons why we all customize our vehicles, but the ones that do, they know that it's an escape from the world. 

Thank you for letting us be a part of your escape.

Dan Jenkins, Owner